Cape Carancahua Property Owners' Association, Inc.
                                     Effective 7/1/2017
No permit will be issued to any property owner who is currently in violation of Cape Carancahua policies
or Deed Restrictions.

Any and all new construction, as well as exterior modifications to existing structures, fences, driveways,
culverts, and so forth must be permitted by the Architectural Control Committee and confirmed by the
Board of Directors.

A Construction Permit Application package for the desired construction must be submitted to the Cape
Carancahua POA Office no later than 72 hours in advance of a meeting of the Architectural Control
Committee.  The Construction Permit Application package must include the property lot number, 9-1-1
address and the name and mailing address of the property owner(s).  It must be accompanied by the
required fee and either a stamped survey plat or a scaled unofficial drawing (see each "Requirement" for
the plat type required) with dimensions showing the property lines and easements, specifications, and
details about proposed construction, and any and all fences, structures, culverts, and septic systems.
If sufficient information is not included, or if the Application Package is not complete, the application will
not be considered by the Architectural Control Committee.  This may cause delays in starting the

An approved culvert must be in place before any other construction is begun.

No materials may be brought into the Cape, nor construction started, until the permit application has
been approved.  Property owner must agree that if any construction is begun without a valid permit
having been issued and conspicuously displayed on the property, non-compliance fees will be assessed
and the matter may be turned over to the CCPOA attorney for legal remedy and that the property owner
will be liable for attorney fees, court costs, and other applicable fees.  Property owner agrees to grant
reasonable access to the property by members of the ACC and CCPOA Board of Directors to determine
compliance and progress until such time as the project is completed.

                                                    DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,

        All submissions must include a "Construction Permit Application"
                                      and any associated requirement forms.

Construction Permit Applicaton
Fee Schedule
Example Permit Plat
New Housing, Additions, or Modifications Requirements
     Checklist for New Housing, Additions, or Modifications
Manufactured Home Requirements
     Checklist for Manufactured Homes
Culvert Requirements
Culvert Endcap Options
     Checklist for Culverts
Driveway and Parking Pad Requirements
     Checklist for Driveway and Parking Pads
Garage, Shop, and Carport Requirements
     Checklist for Shops, Garages, and Carports
Storage Bulding Requirements
     Checklist for Storage Bulidings
In-Ground Irrigation System Requirements
     Checklist for In-Ground Irrigations Systems
Deck and Porch Requirements
     Checklist for Decks and Porches
Fence Requirements
     Checklist for Fences
Bulkhead/Pier Requirements
     Checklist for Bulkheads and Piers
Concrete Slab/Walkway Requirements
     Checklist for Concrete Slabs and Walkways
Outdoor Lighting Requirements
Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
     Checklist for Outdoor Lighting
Swimming Pool Requirements
     Checklist for Swimming Pools