White I-Phone
Samsung Flip Phone Verizon
U.S.Navy Lanyard with car (?) key
Trailer License Plate, exp. 3/15
Several pair of flip-flops
Menís right foot sandal, Size10.5
pair Childís Size 3 tennis shoes
pair Childís Size 1 water shoes
Gray Nike tennis shoes (mens)
Ear buds
Fisher-Price Musical Pink Purse
Fur hat with tail
Pink sunglasses, black frame
Dandruff Shampoo
Black Bushnell Bag
White Hoodie
Baseball Cap, Black
Mitsubishi car key found near Pool 2
lanyard with EZ-Go Golf cart key
Religious necklace charm
Keys for a Master lock
Key (Access) found at mailboxes
Key for Dodge 4x4
House Key

Please turn in any "found" items

Items can be claimed at the Office